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BELBRAND CONSULT is a full-service company specializing in intellectual property protection, management and enforcement.

Who we are:

Our professional team is represented by qualified patent and trademark attorneys, lawyers and appraisers.

What we provide:

- comprehensive consulting support

- registration of the intellectual property rights in Belarus and Eurasian region: trademarks, inventions, utility models, industrial designs etc.

- handling complaints, appeals, judicial practice on disputes in the field of intellectual property

- licensing, franchising, transferring of intellectual property rights

- combating unfair competition

- applying for border measures against all kinds of illegal imports

- all kinds of IP Defense

- IP apprising


By choosing us, you can solve all the possible IP issues.

We are allowed to represent our clients before the WIPO, the Eurasian Patent Office, the National Center of Intellectual Property of Belarus, the Board of Appeals, all the courts including the Judicial Collegium for Intellectual Property of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus, the Customs authorities, the Internal Affairs Authorities, the Antitrust authority and other authorities and institutions.

Our beginning:

The founder of BELBRAND CONSULT Valentin Rachkovskiy began his career in the field of intellectual property in 2001 as an employee of the Patent Office of Belarus. After many years of unique experience, Valentin Rachkovskiy became a patent attorney in 2012 and than founded his own IP law firm BELBRAND CONSULT in 2014.

Growing fast:

We quickly and actively entered the Belarusian market of services in the field of intellectual property. Now we are among the market leaders in all key positions. There are many well-known international, foreign and domestic companies among our clients, which also reflects the high assessment of our competencies.

Recent developments:

In 2022, two members of the BELBRAND CONSULT team became Eurasian patent attorneys, which allows us to represent foreign clients before the Eurasian Patent Organization and the Eurasian Patent Office.

Going global:

BELBRAND CONSULT develops participation in the global market for intellectual property services and actively cooperates with intellectual property offices around the world.