The law provides for protection means of your intellectual property against infringements. The offender may be subjected to civil, administrative and criminal liability

The rights holder has the opportunity to take advantage of the remedies for violations, both common for all types of civil rights, and those specifically provided for in the sphere of intellectual property.

The most widespread remedy is to go to court demanding to spot the infringing actions, as well as to reimburse the damage caused by the violations, and to pay the fines and compensations to the rights holder, envisioned for particular items.

In case of unscrupulous competition from other market players, economic entities may also appeal to the respective antimonopoly bodies. In the case of the police, because of the violation of intellectual property rights on the serious consequences of violations or repeated violations of obvious intellectual property law to deal with offenders can be held is provided in addition to civil, administrative and criminal liability.

To prevent the ingress of counterfeit goods into the customs territory of the Republic of Belarus are called special customs measures to protect intellectual property, providing for the inclusion of these objects in the Customs Register and monitoring compliance with the rights holder by the customs authorities when moving goods across the customs border of Belarus.