Registration of a trademark is the best solution for protecting your brand. You may register words, slogans, combinations of letters, logos, labels, three-dimensional and other designations as a trademark

A trademark is an efficient protection tool of the manufacturer's individuality and of promoting its products in the markets. The legislation allows using a trademark registration for defining authorized manufacturers, suppliers (dealers or agents) of products; for receiving royalties for the use of the trademark by third parties; depositing the trademark rights into the statutory fund of established organizations; using the trademark as security at obtaining credits; and for moving claims against unfair competitors, confiscating counterfeit products, and for many other things.

To make this tool work, you need not only to have a creative designation (word, logo, picture, etc.), but also to competently manage it: to develop and implement an efficient strategy of protecting your trademark in the current and future markets; to build, based on the licensing and other forms of commercialization of the trademark, the algorithm of interrelations with counterparties, and to organize monitoring of the use of the trademark and the protection regime against violations.

We will help you in addressing the task of efficient managing your intellectual assets; the trademark being certainly one of the most significant among them.